Analysis of TOP 100 chess players


Age based analysis

In this analysis I have studied the age of the top 100 players and found an interesting pattern out of that.The top 100 positions which are considered one of the most toughest postion attained by super intelectual people around the world seems to be dominated by people of 20-30 age range,with a median at 25 (the present number 1 player being of 23 years age).Also the distribution seems to be truly normal distribution with the shape of a bell curve.

Following is the histogram

Astrological sign based analysis

Another birthday based study revealed a hidden pattern of astrological signs among the chess players.In the top 100 players Sagittarius sign has the highest number of people(14),followed by the signs of Gemini,Cancer and Leo block.Also interestingly all 3 adjacent signs such as Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces seem to have same number of people in the population.However till first 50 ranking cancer sign had the most number of people (7) which could also point to some hidden pattern.More research will follow this and will be pulished here.

Here is the supporting data.

Following is the histogram