How to adjust the screen size of Ubuntu guest in vmplayer

I’ve been a Ubuntu fan for long time and for obvious reason in the initial days a desire to use both Windows and Ubuntu in a single PC/laptop lead me to use vmplayer.
I started with putting Ubuntu 14.04 as guest OS inside vmplayer and keeping Windows 7 as host.This lead to some nagging problem like sharing folders between host and guest,network sharing and also not detecting the host screen size.Eventually I resolved the other errors but the screen size adaptability issue persisted.So after some research I found a way to fix it without using any additional software.Below are the steps.

Following is the result of first command and its output.

Then you can see which output is connected,here Virtual1 is connected. Then guess a good resolution for your screen.For me I guessed following configuration.

Eg:cvt horizontal length vertical length refresh rate

The output is

Then you need to copy the text after “Modelline” and paste that in following command after “newmode” like the example below

Then take the screen resolution details from the quote and use it in next command.For me the command is

The next command to set it in ubuntu for me is

If the last command doesn’t work for you,you can go back to ubuntu display gui setting and can chose the display you have added just now.For me the option was 1904 x 1070 (16:9)

However if you are fine with this experiment and have found the desired screen resolution and to make that permanent,write all the last 3 commands starting from xrandr –newmode command in your .xprofile file using following command and then save,exit and restart your ubuntu vm and you will get your desired resolution permanently.

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